But the Fish Oil… I Was Good at That!

19 Oct

One of the Discontinued Duets...in Its Armored Packaging

Kinda bummed tonight to read that a study published by the American Medical Association (they’ve never gotten anything wrong) indicates a key ingredient in those fish oil caplets with DHA that are drummed into expecting parents’ brains–have you been taking your prenatals?  Are you getting the duet with DHA?–may not actually benefit the baby’s cognitive development any more than getting a duet with a placebo of vegetable oil.

Great.  I mean, I’m sure the rest of the prenatal has some benefit, or at least I hope so, since so much time at the OB was spent talking about the things, and the formulation that was prescribed for my wife was updated and changed at least three times over the pregnancy, meaning we always went to the pharmacy only to be told, “The duet?  They don’t make that one anymore.  You have to get your doctor to write you up for the new duet.”  Three times.

But picking up prenatals–and I’m still picking up prenatals, by the way, even though we’ve clearly gone into post-natal extra innings, raising doubts not only about the benefit of the DHA, but the idea of calling them prenatals–well picking up the prenatals and ensuring that my wife took them each day was like one of my only real functions during the pregnancy.  She literally did all the work, and had all the pain and suffering to go along with it–and, of course, she couldn’t even have a glass of wine.  (Another study now says she could have, of course)

But I could jump up every night and say “I’ll get your prenatals and some water!” And I’d feel like I was doing something.  I’d also open up the two-sided foil-and-plastic-armored packages since my wife was also wracked with carpal tunnel from the pregnancy, and, well, it was something I could do.

And now?  Now they tell me I didn’t directly contribute to my baby having a better brain?  Great.  I’ll never hear the end of it.  Especially since I might’ve just once or twice–when I asked if my wife had taken her prenatals and she said she hadn’t–oh, I might’ve said something along the lines of “don’t you care about our baby’s BRAIN?”


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