The Curse of the “Happy Girl” Shirt

22 Oct

I fall for the damn “Happy Girl” shirt every time. I’m dressing my daughter and I see the cute shirt with the little kitty face on the front and decide to throw caution to the wind. I’ll take my chances that the feline face will be doused in spitup within moments, and slide her into the fun shirt. No more playing it safe with plain onesies when we’re not visiting family members. Not for this Dad!

And then–without fail–it happens. My “Happy Girl” gets very, very unhappy. A better word might be meltdown. I’m not completely convinced the shirt is at fault, but it’s one heckuva coincidence with that damn shirt. It’s almost like the inside of the shirt has a baby message sewn into it telling her to give Daddy a hard time: Daddy’s got a business call to make. Wait until five minutes before that, and go crazy! It’ll be fun!

Obviously the answer would be skip the Happy Girl shirt, and avoid any similar-themed clothing options as she gets older. But those are always the ones family and friends love grabbing as gifts. It’s so cute! And indeed it is.

But please–somebody help me out–don’t let me make the mistake of putting her in one of these shirts for our first cross-country plane trip. Remember, you might be on that flight with me. Do us both a favor.


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