Dads Demand Parking Equality!

26 Oct

You have a baby, and all of a sudden you see stuff that was there all along, but you never noticed. Like the wording on parking signs. See, I’ve always been vaguely aware that stores had special parking places set aside for pregnant women and moms, but until I became a baby-driving dad, I don’t think I ever gave those signs much thought.

Now, I give them a lot of thought. And here’s my conclusion: it’s an outrage, of course. Our pediatrician’s office has special parking places right at the door for “Mothers with Children.” Seriously? So if Dad comes with a newborn, I can’t park here? What the…? Obviously, I’m not the only guy who felt that way because somebody added “and fathers” to one of the signs with a Sharpie. (It wasn’t me, and I say Sharpie because it looked like a Sharpie was used, not because I did it)

Strollers and baby seats and squirmy babies are no easier to handle for dads than for moms, I’d say. Am I wrong? Does it make sense to set aside sweet spots only for moms? At least I don’t have to worry about it at the library, where a sign I never noticed before suddenly filled me with a nice warm happy feeling: “Parking for Adults with Strollers.”

Heck yeah.


3 Responses to “Dads Demand Parking Equality!”

  1. Feeyona October 26, 2010 at 1:32 pm #

    Hey there. I can’t believe your pediatrician’s office says Mothers. Ridiculous.

    Two stories from here in Scotland:
    1) The local supermarket had “Parent & Child” parking with the symbol of an adult and a child holding hands. This wasn’t clear enough for some people who were clearly mothers and fathers with *teenage* children getting out of the car! The sign now says “Parents with children under 5”
    2) My Baby-Daddy and I took our little one to Edinburgh Zoo during the summer for Daddy’s birthday. The baby change room was inside the female bathroom – so although I am currently pregnant and struggle with our wriggly first born, Daddy couldn’t do anything to help as he couldn’t enter the ladies’ room to get to the baby room! — Do Edinburgh Zoo not expect Dads to take the little ‘uns to the zoo on their own?? Surely that’s the cliche of a Daddy adventure!!

    Anyway, loving the blog, Mark, nearly as good as your wife 😉

    • standupkid October 26, 2010 at 1:37 pm #

      Hi Feeyona!

      Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to check in! I totally agree about the baby changing tables. Not only do men’s rooms have very few of them, instead of putting them inside a stall where I might give myself and my daughter a touch of privacy, they stick them alongside the urinals and sinks. Not fun. But admittedly better than the bathrooms without any. Floor? Slippery sink? Is there a good option?

      And before I forget, bathroom aside, how’s the Edinburgh Zoo and do they have pandas? My wife has a bit of a panda obsession (she doesn’t write about it, because I go along with the we-have-to-visit-every-zoo-that-has-a-panda-or-an-animal-that-resembles-a-panda guidelines.


      • Feeyona November 27, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

        Hi Mark. I’m so sorry for not replying. I had another little boy on Nov 4th so haven’t really been online much!

        Edinburgh Zoo is okay, but it’s not Edinburgh’s best attraction! They do have an absolutely gorgeous Penguin March every day where all the available penguins get to wander around the zoo for a while. I don’t remember seeing pandas, I’m afraid!

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