Happy First Birthday, Baby!

22 May

You’re a year old today, and I honestly can’t believe the time has gone by so fast–or that you’ve only been in our lives for twelve months. As I’ve said many times before, while it seems like a matter of hours since I held you for the first time, I also can’t really remember life before you. I only know that life got a whole lot fuller, more wonderful and meaningful on this day last year.
Today, we’ll have birthday cake and open presents and while you may enjoy the wrapping paper more than the gifts, I hope you feel the love of your family and know you’re the center of attention. (Also, if you decide to walk today, that’d be great. But no pressure.)

Honey, before you came along, I didn’t know just how little I understood about life. Since I became your Dad, I learned I’m not just a guy going through life, but a part of something far, far bigger than just me. And my connection to you made me see that. In a flash, my life had a purpose it didn’t have before: I was now your father, with all the responsibilities–and all the laughter and joy–that that brings. I’ve learned just how much one person can love another, and yeah, I’ve learned how to worry myself into a frenzy sometimes: about whether you’re okay when I’m at work, or whether you’ll be a good driver and like cars, or whether you’ll be as happy one day years from now as I am today.

When you look at the pictures we take today, I hope you’ll see a family that loves you like crazy and went a little overboard to celebrate. You’ll get your first-ever taste of birthday cake today, and ask me one day about all the thought that your Mom put into that cake. It looks like the weather today’s a little less than perfect, but we’ve got you, and that’s all that matters. You’ve brought meaning to my life, and filled my heart with a kind of love I never knew existed and today we get to have a great time as a family marking the day that you came into our lives.

Best part? We’re going to do this every year!

I love you sweetheart,



2 Responses to “Happy First Birthday, Baby!”

  1. Nana May 22, 2011 at 2:34 pm #

    HAppy Happy Birthday little one…you have made your mommy and daddy so soooo ever happy
    The one thing to remember today is you can eat just the frosting and get away with it..you dont have to eat cake so enjoy it all while you can because tomorrow your mommy will make you eat healthy stuff again

    now a message to dad..sorry I did not remember this way back at the begining since I have been a follower of you and your wife
    But anyway….with all 3 of my kids I saved the newspaper from the day they were born so they could know all about what life was like in the world
    I would think its not too late for you to find a copy …that is if you didn’t think of it already
    congrats on raising a fine baby…shes as cute as can be

  2. Kimberley T March 23, 2012 at 9:52 pm #

    What a nice speech to your daughter. Do you have one for wifey too? 🙂

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