A penny in my shoe

25 Aug

When I anchor the early morning news on weekends, I get up at a ridiculously early hour and fumble around in the dark, trying to get my clothes and shoes without waking my wife. This morning, I felt around on the floor for a pair of shoes, found a comfortable pair and carried them downstairs before putting them on. Immediately, I felt something inside both shoes.

I took them off and looked inside. In the left shoe, I found a penny. In the right, a nickel.

After the briefest flash of confusion, I remembered a quiet afternoon recently with my daughter, who had woken up thrilled to find coins in the pocket of the t-shirt she’d worn to bed. In an effort to get her to sleep, my wife and I had created a ‘Pocket T Fairy,’ who leaves coins in the pockets of children–but only kids who the Pocket T Fairy finds fast asleep. The next morning she shouted from her room ‘Mommy, Daddy, I got money in my pocket!’

She had moved those coins around, brought them into our room, and now I was certain, she put one of her coins in each of my shoes. I can picture her doing this, and it makes me smile. It makes my chest warm up with love for her. And in that moment, I decided I wasn’t taking those coins out of my shoes.

So walking to the studio to do the news, I felt the penny in my shoe with every step. And like a Buddhist mantra, each step brought me back to what is truly important in the form of a soft touch from my daughter.

I love that kid.


One Response to “A penny in my shoe”

  1. Jason Sotto Orlando Pediatric Dentist October 8, 2012 at 10:38 pm #

    We love the pocket fairy! When you share love you get it back.

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